TPFLiving premium XXL office chair DALLAS Weight Capacity 215 kg synthetic leather 10 Colors

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Comfortable Premium XXL office chair DALLAS.

TPFLiving is synonymous with elegant and timeless furniture.
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This office chair is ideally suited to large and heavy people, as the pneumatic spring is aligned to sustain consistent use up to215 kg.

The DALLAS office chair is an exclusive desk chair with extremely high-quality upholstery and a synthetic leather cover.
Synthetic leather covers have the decisive advantage that they are elastic and retract to become smooth again after use. This is not only visually more appealing, but also increases the life of the upholstery and the seat cover.

The frame is made of metal in chrome look and as such is extremely robust.

Ergonomic supported seating is guaranteed thanks to the adjustable seating height. The seat height of the office chair can be variably adjusted using the lever on the right side under the seat. The integrated tilt mechanism and fixing mechanism provides more freedom of movement. You can fix the backrest in any position.

The office chair stands securely on five castor wheels with integrated brakes. The castor wheel brake system has the advantage that the castors are locked when no pressure is being applied to the chair. So when the user sits down, the chair cannot roll away as much as other chair castors.

Our castor wheels are suitable for both soft and hard floors and designed for high load-bearing capacity.

Additionally the risk of accidents is minimised by the castor wheels brake system e.g. when the user sits down too quickly, as the wheels only release the integrated brake completely, when weight is applied to the chair.

Additional details:

• Total height: 112 - 122cm
• Seat height: 47 - 58cm
• Total width: 65,5cm
• Seat width: 54cm
• Total depth: 77cm
• Seat depth: 53cm
• Width of armrest: 5,5cm
• Length of armrest: 36cm
• Width of backrest: 53cm
• Length of backrest: 71cm
• Thickness of backrest: 10cm
• Thickness of seat cushion: 12cm
• Seat, armrest and backrest comfortably upholstered
• Frame material: Metal
• Robust, high-quality cruciform base
• Cover material: synthetic leather (100 % polyurethane)
castor wheels = Major safety aspect (the castors brakes are only released completely when the user’s weight is applied.)
• Load-bearing capacity of chair: max. 215kg
• Colour: 10 different colors to choose

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